in his sporty ferrari.

NDL is reportedly driving to Florida to address the Florida Supreme Court in his llamafied Ferrari. He has never recieved a single speeding ticket nor has he ever driven under the influence (unless the influence of macadamia nuts count)..

Waukesha, WI - Reuters -

The Naked Dancing Llama, official candidate for President for the Frolicking Party, has issued a statement demanding a recount of the votes in Florida as well as 49 other states today. "I believe there has been a horrific miscalculation," the frolicking, tangoing, peanut-spitting llama said. "You see, Ralph Nader has been stealing votes from Naked Dancing Llama. It has come to my attention that Nader's "Green" Party has been getting votes intended for the Naked Dancing Llama. Please note, that the Naked Dancing Llama homepage is indeed MEDIUM AQUA MARINE , and not Green, and their votes should have been cast in the "fill-in" vote instead of a vote for Nader. Because of this obviously calculated stealing of votes by this "Green" party, I demand a recount!" NDL said that if a recount is not complete within 24 hours, he will simply concede because "there is simply too much frolicking to be done to continue this silliness any more than necessary."
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